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Personnel Requirements in Food Processing Spaces

These requirements are a part of the Current Good Manufacturing Practices. You can see the full guide to cGMPs here

Personnel Requirements


Employees working in food processing spaces are subject to basic requirements about disease control and cleanliness. The aim of these requirements is to make sure a food processor does contaminate their own food product which could cause a customer to become sick.

Disease Control:

Sick employees must be excluded from operations that could result in food contamination.

The typical way of doing this implementing an Employee Hygiene Policy that excuses sick employees from work. This may require food production employees who have been exposed to a serious contagious illness to refrain from working until they are no longer contagious.


This section states that employees must have clean practices

1. Clothing that protects against contamination
2. Adequate personal cleanliness
3. Hand washing
4. Removing unsecured jewelry
5. Wearing gloves in a safe manner
6. Wearing hair restraints
7. Storing other belongings in areas where food is exposed/equipment is washed.
8. Not eating food, chewing gum, drinking beverages, or using tobacco in food areas.
9. Taking other precautions


This section applies to most traditional food processors that fall under FDA jurisdiction. However, there are some notable exceptions.

  • Farms

  • Fishing Vessels

  • Establishments who solely hold and transport agricultural products

  • Establishments who only raw process (i.e. shell or dry) nuts.

  • Mixed-Type farm facilities (defined in §1.227)


This Article is For You if…

∆ Your business is regulated by the FDA

∆ You have employees who work in a space where food is handled, packed, or produced.

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