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Who We Are

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FDA Reader was founded in 2017 by Ned Klein.

Ned is the lead consultant at Mile Rock. Founded in 2018, Mile Rock provides food safety and regulatory consulting for food industry businesses. By scaling operations and aligning with industry standards, our clients are able to realize high-value growth opportunities.

Ned brings 7 years of experience to Mile Rock. He has worked with over 100 businesses in food service, processing, and distribution. His primary focus is the development of FDA compliance and the alignment of operations with industry audit standards.

Ned is a trained PCQI, which allows him to manage FDA food facilities. Ned additionally is HACCP certified, SQF certified and has completed the FDA-aligned Better Processing School for high-risk food processes. Ned studied Government at Georgetown University and holds a Masters in Education from Arizona State University. Ned is also a Certified Test Administrator for NRFSP which allows him to provide nationally-recognized, manager-level food safety training and certification for personnel working in food processing spaces.

You can learn more about Mile Rock Consulting here