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Simplifying Food Regulation

Getting Started

How to design and implement a food safety plan for your business


This section is meant to help you understand what you need to know about food regulation. And we’re going to do it in tiny chunks.

Pick a topic below and we’ll get you started with an easy-to-follow guide.



Unsure whether your product needs to be labeled or the requirements for doing this? Check out our guides below.

Basic Food Labeling Requirements

Nutrition Facts Labeling

What You Can (and can’t) Legally Call A Food Product

Making Claims About A Food Product

Expiration & Use-By Dates

For more detail, check out all of our guides to food labeling


Facility Requirements

If you’re looking to design a food processing space or assess whether yours is up-to-code, check out the guides below.

Facility Requirements (e.g. construction & plumbing standards)

Equipment & Utensils

Looking for more ? Check out all of our guides and articles on Facility Requirements


Operating Requirements

Wondering whether your operation is compliant? Use these references as guide posts.

Process & Controls Requirements (Conducting food-safe operations)

Cleaning Requirements

Personnel Requirements

You can find much more about Operating Requirements in our guides and articles


Food Import

If you import food as part of your business, check out the guides below.

Getting Started: Small Food Importers

Looking for more? Check out our full guide to Supply Chain



If you distribute food or contact a carrier to distribute it for you, then check out the guide below.

Requirements for Transporting Food

Looking for more? Check out our comprehensive guides to distribution and supply chain


HACCP & Food Safety Plans

This can be a daunting topic to begin researching. Our resources make it simple!

Introduction to Food Safety Plans

We also have a whole section of this site devoted to FSMA and another section about food safety plans



This website is FSMA-aligned, so every section you read already has FSMA regulations incorporated into it. Isn’t that great!

However, if you want to learn specifically about FSMA, we have a whole section dedicated to FSMA, so I recommend starting there.