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New-Site Assessment (Remote)

New-Site Assessment (Remote)

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Considering moving your operations to a new site? Wondering whether the facility has the capacity to pass an FDA inspection or even a local health inspection?

Have it remote-inspected by a certified Mile Rock consultant before you commit to a new location.

What is a Remote Inspection?

A remote inspection is conducted using media gathered and submitted by the client (typically photographs and video). Without the need for travel or disruption to the client’s operation, our auditors are able to spend more time inspecting the space and generating actionable solutions for your business. In turn, we can offer a substantially reduced rate compared to a typical onsite inspection.

How it Works:

  1. We reach out to provide specific instructions for preparing for the remote inspection

  2. You complete the pre-inspection instructions. it typically takes about 20 minutes and requires nothing more than your phone

  3. One of our certified consultants will access the media and conduct the remote inspection

  4. You receive our deliverables for review

  5. Schedule a remote consultation with one of our team members to review the report and answer any questions you have

What are the deliverables?

You will receive a written inspection report, including the following components.

  • An assessment of possible hazards, violations and the corresponding applicable code citation

  • Recommended action steps, listed by priority level.

  • Annotated photos and code citations — so you know exactly what to address

Who is the New Site Inspection For?

  • This is specifically designed for owners wishing to assess the suitability of a prospective space for food-processing operations.
    This inspection is designed to assess facility conditions, not food operations. For a more comprehensive inspection of operations “FDA-Aligned Inspection (Remote)”

How is this inspection aligned?

  • This inspection is aligned with FDA regulations (including FSMA standards)

  • We can tailor the audit to a specific certification program. Let us know what you need!