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Principal Display Panel

What You Need to Know:

Examples of PDP of different packaging forms

Examples of PDP of different packaging forms

The Principal Display Panel (PDP) is the part of a food label that is most likely to be displayed to the customer when for sale. This is the front label on a product.

Size Requirement: 

The size requirement for a principal display panel is determined by the shape of the product:

Rectangular Package: The PDP must encompass the entire customer facing side of the package

Cylindrical Package: The PDP must encompass 40% of the total side-area of the package (circumference multiplied by height)

Other Packaging Shape: The PDP must encompass 40% of the surface area of the product.

Elements Required on the PDP

The following elements are absolutely required on the PDP. Labeling elements which may appear on other sections of the packaging are not listed below.

  • Identity of the food (common name)

  • Net Quantity of Contents


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