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FDA Reader: Simplifying Food Regulation

Equipment and Utensils

These requirements are a part of the Current Good Manufacturing Practices that relates to Equipment and Utensils You can see the full guide to cGMPs here

Equipment Requirements

  • Equipment and utensils must be designed to be cleanable and maintained to avoid contamination.

  • Equipment and utensils must not contaminate food with lubricants, metal fragments, water, etc.

  • Equipment must be installed in a way that they can be cleaned and maintained.

  • Equipment kept in food areas must be constructed so it can be kept clean -- even if it doesn’t contact food.

  • Machinery must be designed in a way that can be kept clean

  • Each freezer and refrigerator must have a thermometer in it.

  • pH meters, thermometers, and other measuring devices must be accurate.

  • Compressed air must be treated in a way that it does not contaminate food.

Food Contact Surface Requirements

  • Food-contact surfaces must be corrosion-resistant.

  • Food-contact surfaces must be non-toxic

  • Food-contact surfaces must be maintained to protect food from allergen cross-contact

  • Seams on food-contact surfaces must be seamless to minimize accumulation of particles.


Guide to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (117 Subpart B)

Guide to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (117 Subpart B)


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